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With over 30 million people passing through it each year Dublin Airport is the busiest airport in Ireland by some way. It is the only commercial airport serving Ireland’s capital city and is located 7 kilometres from Dublin city centre.

Despite the huge numbers of travellers who pass through Dublin Airport each year, the airport itself consists of just two terminal buildings, called Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. All arrivals and departures from the airport go through one of these, and they are located right beside eachother, so even if you get out at the wrong spot walking from one terminal to the other takes only a couple of minutes.


Buses serving the city centre are located directly outside the arrivals halls of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and include Dublin Express and Aircoach

You can get links to the city with the Airlink Express transfer hub where you can purhcase Dublin Express tickets and Aircoach Tickets directly through airlinkexpress.ie


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