Connecting flights + Live Flight Information

In comparison to some larger international airports, it’s relatively easy to connect flights at Dublin Airport. All departure gates are under one roof

Where do I connect with my flight at Dublin Airport?


When you land and disembark from your flight, follow signs for Flight Connections. It is important to have your entire documentation (passport and boarding card) ready for inspection. Proceed through Flight Connections.



Flight Connection Hosts at Dublin Airport


If you need assistance while connecting flights at Dublin Airport, there is a dedicated Flight Connections Host team at the airport. The hosts will provide information on connecting gates, Dublin Airport services, and information on US Preclearance.


Can I leave Dublin Airport during a layover?


If time allows, there should be no problem leaving the airport during your layover. DoDublin have created a guide on how to make the most of a layover when in Dublin


Live Departures at Dublin Airport


Follow the link for live departure flight information.


Live Arrivals at Dublin Airport


Follow the link for live arrivals flight information



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