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Below is some general information for visitors to Dublin. Hailing a bus may seem like a simple task but different countries have different ways of doing things and many visitors to Dublin don't realise that they have to hold out their arm or the bus may not stop! We also provide information on getting off at the correct stop, finding Dublin's famous Temple Bar district and connecting with Dublin's transport interchange hubs.


Hailing the bus   |  Get off at the Right Stop   |   Finding Temple Bar  | Connecting trains & Bus


Hailing the Bus

Please hold out your arm as the bus approaches to show the driver that you wish to board his bus. Several Airlink bus stops in the city are used by a number of other Dublin Bus routes, and so the Airlink Express driver may not realise you wish to board his bus unless you signal in this way. This is the normal way to hail any bus in Dublin city and if you do not hold out your arm the bus may well continue past without stopping.



How will I know when to get off

A list of bus stops for both routes is shown on the bus in several locations. There are audio announcements on approach to each stop and a second audio announcement is made as the bus reaches each stop. There is a television screen on both the upper and lower decks which display a visual confirmation on approach and on arrival at each stop. You are also welcome to ask the driver for assistance if you are unsure of which bus stop or route you should take, however please do not speak to the driver while the bus is moving.



Getting to Temple Bar

Temple Bar is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to the city. Both the Airlink 747 and Airlink 757 bus routes have stops close to Temple Bar. On the Airlink 747 you can get off at Aston Quay or Essex Quay. On the Airlink 757 you can get off at Hawkins Street & Temple Bar



Connecting with Buses and Trains

The Airlink Express routes have been designed to connect with all of Dublin's major transport hubs. Visit our Connectivity page for details



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