Airlink Express On Board Facilities


Luggage Storage on Bus

All luggage should be brought on board the bus with you. The Airlink Express buses have a large storage rack on the lower deck of each bus. CCTV cameras are fitted on every bus to ensure the security of your luggage and if you sit in the upper deck you can observe the CCTV footage from below on a screen (screens located on upper and lower deck) every time the bus stops and its doors open.



Special Needs & Wheelchair Access

Every Airlink Express bus is wheelchair accessible, with a ramp that lowers automatically and the front of the bus lowers to make access easier for wheelchair users. Airlink Express Sales Promoters will be available at Dublin Airport to assist anyone who needs help boarding the bus or reaching their seat. There is a section towards the front of the bus without seats that is reserved for wheelchair users. There are also signs on the most easily accessible seating on the lower deck asking customers to leave those seats free for elderly or disabled people. Please click for further information on airport transfer for wheelchair and special needs customers.




Prams & Buggies

Prams and buggies are permitted on the bus subject to the availability of space. Prams that can be folded up may be placed on the luggage storage racks.




Lost & Found

Items that are left behind on the Airlink Express are sent to Dublin Bus Lost Property. There is an administration charge of €2 for each item recovered and you must bring any necessary identification as well as providing a clear description in order to claim any item found. The Lost Property office is located in Dublin city centre, close to Dublin Bus Head Office. The full address is; Lost Property Office, Dublin Bus, Earl Place, Dublin 1. D01P7K8. You can also phone them on +353 1 7031321. Please note; Items lost on an Airlink bus will take 24 hours before they reach the Lost property office.





Email Enquiries

Please email with any further queries you may have.



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