The Airlink Express Buses

Experience a unique view of Dublin city as you arrive for the first time on a double decker Airlink Express bus.

  • Each bus has Free WiFi to let everyone know you arrived safely & to share your first impressions of Dublin
  • There is loads of space for luggage in every bus, and you bring your suitcases with you onto the bus
  • DoDublin sales promoters will be there to assist if you need any help carrying our bags!
  • There is no charge for additional suitcases
  • Keep an eye on your bags from the upper deck via CCTV; screens on the upper and lower decks.
  • All of our buses are wheelchair accessible and have a specially designated wheelchair zone near the front of each bus.
  • By travelling by bus you are choosing the greener option - help minimise your carbon footprint!


Transport Connections in Dublin

Aircoach bus at dublin attraction
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