Greener Travel

These days we have to be conscious of our carbon footprint; the contribution we make to the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that’s having such catastrophic results for the planet.

Every time we board a plane, whether it is to go on holiday or for business our share of this responsibility grows.


That’s why taking the bus, and not travelling in a car or taxi offers the best choice. Did you know that buses are far more ecologically friendly than cars? Notwithstanding the new hybrid buses that are currently being rolled out by Dublin Bus, even the normal diesel buses create far less pollution than cars.


Modern diesel cars produce 10 times more toxic air pollution than heavy trucks and buses, new European data has revealed.


Hybrid Bus from Dublin Bus. Uses a combination of electric and diesel fuel.

It’s true that electric cars (and buses) will eventually take over, but eventually can take a very long time and in the meantime the pollution caused by petrol and diesel cars on our roads is extremely high.


So if you do have to fly more often than you’d like, be sure to take the bus to and from the airport and help minimise your carbon footprint.

Aircoach in dublin city centre road
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