Frequency & Speed

Airlink is the most frequent and reliable airport transfer service in Dublin.

Delays and disruptions are among the most common (and annoying) problems we experience when we travel, but Airlink has you covered;



  • We operate double the number of departures of our biggest competitor.
  • Airlink buses depart up to every 10 minutes during peak hours.
  • We have more buses on the streets than anyone else, with more departures.
  • We connect with more city centre locations than anyone else,
  • We start earlier and finish later to get you to the city without delay.



Our holiday or workday doesn’t actually start until we get to where we’re going. We all want travel to be as fast as possible.

  • We are the only service that goes through the Dublin Port Tunnel, by-passing the city’s traffic congestion
  • Dublin Airport Taxis have to take the slow route through to the city so choose Airlink and beat the taxi's every time.
  • Get to your hotel fast and start your holiday sooner with the Airlink Express.


From Dublin Airport to Dublin City Taxi Route Versus Airlink Route via Dublin Port Tunnel



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